Just hold your mouse to drop pixel blocks, they pop and you get points.

It's just a toy not a game, mostly for testing / fun.
Checking out the resolution, play feel on the phone, sand/block pop logic.

The white number is the FPS.
The colors are amount of blocks popped in that color.

I wanted to make a quick thing in Game Maker Studio 2.

I've been learning Godot this week.
But my attention has been turned back to GMS2:
I'll be making a new GMS2 project for the GM20 Jam.

Turn into a micro game for my GM20 project.
More colors, Variable color amounts.
Score more meaningful.
Popping juice.
Fix frame rate.
Use Delta time.
Full Screen breaks it really bad.


qstRGB_toy.zip 393 kB
qstROYGBP_toy.zip 395 kB
qstGM20_HIGHREZTEST.zip 405 kB
Double_Dont.zip 588 kB

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